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The company provides various types of edible oils to the consumer market. Over time, the company has acquired the best available technology and machinery in order to produce the highest quality edible oil. Maricomagro has always been a market leader in the Edible Oil segment due to its knowledge, technology, and process improvements. Maricomagro is one of the few companies that has invested in vertical integration to add value to all of their end products. The company has its own manufacturing plants for Tins, Bottles, and Jars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some different types of cooking oils found in the market?

There are a number of different cooking oils in the market, out of which you can select the best oil for you, depending on the type of food you want to cook with it. Maricomagro offers a range of cooking oils which contains Soyabean oil, sunflower oil, kachi ghani mustard oil, cotton seed oil, groundnut oil and vegetable oil. 

Why should I buy Maricomagro Sunflower Oil?

Apart from being light, healthy, and good for your heart Maricomagro Sunflower Oil comes loaded with Vitamins that keep your skin healthy as well as keep your immune system strong. That’s why we recommend using Maricomagro Sunlite Sunflower Oil.

How do I know my Mustard oil is pure?

There are many ways to check the purity of your mustard oil, but the main indicator is usually the aroma. Pure dark yellow mustard oil has a pungent aroma that you can smell when you open the bottle. One way to be sure of the purity of your mustard oil is to bring home only FSSAI approved oil such as Maricomagro Kachi Ghani Mustard, which is made with 100% sarso and is free of any adulterants.

Is mustard oil healthy?

Mustard Oil or Sarso oil is an essential oil for cooking and is known to have many great benefits for your health, from reducing skin inflammation to adding healthy fats to your diet.

Is peanut oil good for hair?

Peanut oil imparts the necessary Vitamin E, needed to strengthen your hair follicles, and reduce damage. The fatty acids in this oil restore and repair the damaged hair, while a massage on the scalp can reduce dandruff. It encourages new hair growth and prevents balding.